Witness the antioxidant power of Anthogenol®

The premium antioxidants in Anthogenol® Capsules offer a wide range of benefits, from cardiovascular system health, bone health, hair, skin and nail health, to circulatory support. Anthogenol® harnesses the power of antioxidants to support whole body anti-ageing to help you look and feel younger from within.

In this experiment, the contents of an Anthogenol® Capsule is mixed with regular water to create an antioxidant-rich solution. When iodine paper is submerged in the solution, the paper becomes clear. Anthogenol®’s potent antioxidant content reacts with iodine, oxidising the antioxidants and causing iodine particles to become clear. This demonstrates the strength of Anthogenol®’s antioxidant content. 

Witness the antioxidant power of Anthogenol® for yourself.